Blue & White Beauty Custom Golf Cart for Sunset Ranch *part 3*

We lost the sun this week, but the rain is keeping us inside, on task and working hard! 😉 This week, we were pumping out carts like crazy and we loved seeing this cart head to its new home! We personally deliver carts to our local customers, and it’s such a great way to see the lovely Okanagan. Sunset Ranch is no exception – this amazing course is nestled in behind the Kelowna airport and it’s a real hidden gem!

Last Tuesday, we showed you this cart before the upholstery, front cowl, and finishing touches were installed and this week, we’ve got an awesome finished cobalt blue custom Precedent to show you!


The new upholstery seat back installed and looking awesome! Along with those great looking Trojans !


The upholstery looks amazing on this sweet cart!


Next the holes got drilled and we fished out the taillight wires.


Voila! A set of Club Car taillights installed and looking great.


The front cowl got the same wetsanding treatment and then installed. Also notice the silver pinstripe on the body.


Next the custom SC Carts grill was installed and the matching silver dual pinstripes. This custom Precedent is coming together nicely.


In true SC Carts style, a set of matching brushed aluminum floor sills were installed.


Since this custom Club Car is going to actually be used for golf, a brushed aluminum scorecard holder was added to the package.


With all the final details complete, we rolled it outside for it’s first test run! What a beauty.


Spring is here and we ended the week with a sunny day.


This custom club car Precedent looks amazing.


The silver wheels, pinstripes, and brushed aluminum accents tie in perfectly with the look of this cool custom!


Delivered and ready for the links, our awesome new customers were excited to take delivery.


One final shot of this beauty was we leave it in the hands of the new owners.

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