Blue & White Beauty Custom Golf Cart for Sunset Ranch *part 2*

This gorgeous blue & white custom Club Car Precedent is coming along nicely! Last week, this cart was just different parts and pieces but now it’s starting to look like a golf cart again!


During our refurbishing process we found a bad bearing in the hub. This is why our customers love our refurbishing process, when they get their “new” cart it is actually like a new cart!


We have removed most of the front end components to to gain access to all the bushings.


A brand new bushing set getting ready to be installed in the A arms, this will ensure a tight squeak free front end.


Here is the front end with all new bushings, even the front leaf spring was treated to new bushings.


The front end is now back together and everything is smooth and tight!


Alright, bring on the style!


With the front end getting all the attention we decided to get the rear end caught up to speed. After the complete brake system cleaning and inspection, we blacked out the rear frame and gave the drums a new coat of paint. This is less for looks and more for long term protection.


There we go! Sitting pretty on it’s new rims and tires!


Another shot from the front this time. It’s going to be a beauty.


After getting the beautiful paint all laid down, we started in on wet sanding it.


Crazy to think of all the prep work that goes into the paint and then after we lay down a perfect clear coat we take sand paper to the body. The once shiny body is now dull.


AHHH! But there is light at the end of this tunnel. After sanding the entire body with 1000, 1500, 2000 and finally 2500 grit sand paper, we started in with the cut polishing. This picture shows the first round of cut polishing with a more aggressive polishing pad. You can see how shiny it is coming up.


In the end all the time and effort is well worth it. This is after the entire sanding process and then two stages of cut polishing. It looks like glass!


Ok we needed to get the underbodies on so that the fresh paint job had a place to go.


The front and rear underbodies are on and secure, along with the front roof supports.


Yes!!! Now this is looking good! What an awesome color.


This cart wouldn’t be complete without a custom steering wheel, so that’s just what this husband and wife duo added 🙂


How awesome does the chrome steering column look with the blue!


Next the rear basket with dual sand and seed bottles got installed along with the rear roof supports.


Our SC Carts floor mat suits this cart perfectly! What a great touch!


Our customers opted for the white roof over the more popular black roof, and we think the choice was a good one! Wait until you see the upholstery with this color combo!

That’s it, that’s all folks, you will have to come back next week to see how this machine turns out!

Did you see part 1?