Blue & White Beauty Custom Golf Cart for Sunset Ranch

I swear we must say this every time but we CAN NOT wait for this cart to come together! We have a sneak peek of the seats and the paint for you this week, and boy are they ever sharp! The white & blue seats look so good together and we can’t wait to see all the House of Kolors Kandy paint out in the sun… so without further adieu, let’s show you the good stuff…


We started this cart with getting the body ready for paint.


How about this awesome color! And this is just the base coat.


You could leave it just like this and call it awesome, but in true SC Cart fashion we are taking it one step further.


Yes! Now we’re talking, House of Kolors cobalt Kandy!


While the paint dried we thought we would get the seats underway, check out these amazing look skins ready to be fastened to the seats. The SC Carts upholstery shop is giving the paint department a run for their money.


Again it’s all in the details, paying attention to the small things is what sets an SC Cart apart. Instead of just a regular white insert we opted for this perforated material.


No cart is complete without a set of custom wheels, and this beauties are going to look outstanding!


Here’s the donor chassis for this soon to be amazing Precedent. You won’t recognize this cart next week!

This is going to be one amazing cart, so make sure to come back next week as we keep working away on it!