New Information Station – Speedometer, Voltage Reader, & More

Anytime we find a product that we feel that can add value and functionality to our custom carts it peaks our interest. The EXRAY information center is one of those products.

After doing a lot of research and asking the manufacture a lot of questions we knew that this gauge was something that had to be offered by SC Carts so we ordered one in and got to work installing it on one lucky customer’s cart. To say we were impressed with the gauge is an understatement.

It has so many great features and functions that add a great amount of confidence knowing how fast you are going, how much battery life you have left, how far you have driven, warnings if you motor is overheating and many others.

Have a look at the installation process and then checkout or video at the end!


Here is the kit that comes with the gauge, everything you need to do the installation.


Next we mounted the gauge where it was going to go.


Here’s another angle with the gauge mounted.


Here we installed the motor temperature sender, this will give motor temp readings to the gauge.


Here we are getting ready to drill the mounting hole for the speedometer pick up.


Lining everything up to make sure we have proper clearance.


Nice and close, this will give an accurate speedo reading.


It may look like a lot of wires, but that’s only because there are a lot of wires 🙂 But the gauge only has 3 of these wires, the rest is because this cart pretty much has every goody on it!


Here is the gauge installed, sitting perfectly through the steering wheel. The back lighting on it is awesome.


Another picture of it all installed. Looks great and functions amazingly!