New *Special Vehicle Division* (SVD) at SC Carts – Project 1

We are very excited this week as this is the first week for our new SVD. This division has been something we have been planning for quite sometime now and are excited it is finally becoming a reality.

The SVD allows SC Carts to push the boundaries of our design and creative abilities building one of a kind electric vehicles.

Once completed these amazing machines will be offered for sale on a first come first serve basis. You can rest assured if you purchase one of these machines there will be none other like it in the world.

With the SVD we will not be announcing what the completed machine will be, so you will have to come back and check it out each week!

Enough with the chit chat, lets get into the first ever SC Carts SVD Project 1…


This SVD project starts like all the rest, with a Precedent on the lift!


That’s about where it ends for being the same process, here we removed the rear underbody and rear bumper.


Next we moved to the saw to start in on some custom heavy duty brackets.


After a couple different cutting machines, we have our general shape for the custom brackets.


Here the custom aluminum brackets are test fitted to the cart chassis.


Next we moved on to cutting out some plywood.


Then we laminated two pieces together to give us additional thickness.


With the plywood drying we add a bit of style to our custom brackets.


Next we test fitted the brackets with the rear underbody re installed.


We then made some custom aluminum supports for the underbody


More aluminum, more custom brackets!


We then started rolling some aluminum tube.


With the custom tube rolling completed we jigged the tubes on the table to give them a tack weld.


Then we temporarily tacked the custom rolled tubes to the cart.


We repeated the process for a second tube setup.


We then tack welded a upper center support tube to tie everything together!


We also tacked in a couple lower mounting tubes to strengthen the whole setup. This custom Precedent is starting to take shape!


The first SVD project is coming along nicely, we bet there are some good guesses going on right now! Be sure to follow along as there is a lot more work to go on this soon to be one of a kind cart.

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