First of 2015 – a Classy Blue Beauty for Alberta

We’ve hit the ground running this new year and the first cart of 2015 is setting the bar high for beauties that will be coming out of SC Carts this year! This custom Club Car Precedent features:

Follow us as we dive into this project and get this classy machine rolling!


The stock Precedent all torn down and on the lift!


Here it is with the new front wheel and tire package installed. This front end got the complete SC Carts treatment!


Moving onto the rear, we did a complete overhaul on the brake system and sent the brake pads to the junk bin.


With fresh brake pads installed we turned our attention to the rear drivetrain making sure the fluid was good and all the wiring was tight.


While we waited on the refinished brake drums to dry we installed the front headlight kit…notice the tidy wiring!


There we go, the freshly refinished brake drums along with the new brake pads will give this cart many years of trouble free service.


The soon to be classic Precedent is now sitting on all four of it’s new wheel and tire package.


Meanwhile back at the ranch…well in the paint booth anyways, the sealer was setting up and just about ready for the basecoat color.


Here’s where things start to get classy! This Porsche metallic basecoat looks awesome in the sun, and with the amount of clear coat we put on this baby it is going to turn some heads!


While the paint dries, we installed the Club Car underbodies.


Here’s what we are talking about!!! This paint is super rich looking and the depth of it is awesome (that’s where the clear comes in) 🙂


The rear basket and tan seat’s went on next, and of course we need something to hold up the roof, so the cart got it’s roof supports as well.


Boom! More class, our customer wanted his feet to feel just as important as the rest of him so he treated them to an SC Carts custom floor mat.


On with the roof! The tan and blue look great together.


How about a dual USB charging point? Sounds good to us.


Taillights for the late drive home from the 19th hole 😉


To help get home a little quicker we added the private speed setting. The cool thing with the Club Car’s is all we have to do is punch in the information on the Club Car dealer network and it spits out the proper codes for each cart, how cool is that!


The wheel package originally came with a green R in the center cap and our customer didn’t want the green with his blue cart (we love when our customers have an eye for detail) so we made up some custom aluminum center caps to match the wheels properly.


Check out the center caps installed, they look great!


Coming together nicely! We told it was classy!

Well we ran out of time for the blog cutoff, but come back next week as we put the finishing touches on this cart and get it outside for it’s pre-delivery test run and final setup. You won’t want to miss it!

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