Predator Ridge Brandywine Precedent with 14″ Chrome Rims & No Lift *part 2*

Here’s another cart that made the Christmas cut off… this paint is absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL! The pictures just don’t do it justice – I know we say this often, but we literally cannot wait to see the rims installed on this cart. But since we have to wait a couple weeks for that, take a look at what we’ve gotten up to this week!

If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can catch up here.


Remember last post when the cart was on it’s side…this is the extra light we were talking about.


Here is a shot from the front, the bright white LED’s will give this cart one classy glow when it is all finished.



To go along with the chrome rims we added a polished steering column.


Now we are looking good! The main body and the sweater basket are all installed and looking good.


Next the cart got some well needed support, roof supports that is.


We installed the roof and also the 5 panel rear view mirror so our customer can see all the other carts he is passing 🙂


Next came the Club Car folding bag protector, naturally a black one made sense!


This machine just keeps getting classier. Our SC Carts custom floor mat looks awesome. We have a bit more flash to add to this area but that will be next time.


The cart is starting to take shape now, just wait until the 14’s are installed, it\s going to be amazing!

This is a great place to call it for the holidays. So this beauty will sit until the new year, when we get back at it! In the mean time head over to our Facebook page and see what else we get up to!