LUXE Red Fox Phantom Custom Club Car Precedent *part 2*

Our office is officially closed for the holiday season, but in the week leading up to the holidays we were still working as hard as ever to to get awesome carts like this one on their way!

Did we mention we love our LUXE edition carts! I mean how can you not…


Ah yes the frame rails are back from powder and the build begins.


The first component to go on is front suspension assembly.


Next we installed the center cross member and dash/roof support. These components are the main parts that tie the Club Car Precedent chassis together.


With the main components installed on the frame rails we moved on to the rear suspension. Here we have a set of the SC Carts soft ride HD suspension. These rear leafs give the factory ride until they hit a deep hole or big bump, then the secondary leaf kicks in and absorbs it. You can also see the brand new bushing kit, this is standard on every LUXE edition cart!


With the SC Carts soft ride suspension ready we finished the work on the rear end so it could be installed at the same time.


Here are the new brake pads installed, along with the completely refurbished brake assembly.



Now that the rear end and leafs are ready we installed them on to the chassis. It comes together quickly!


A new set of factory Club Car brake cables were next on the list.


We ran the brake cables to their proper locations, next they will get secured with a factory P clip.


Here is a final shot of the rear end, new brakes and suspension all tied together.

Well this is the last cart to make the list before our annual holiday closure. So this LUXE edition Precedent will sit happily on the work table until we open in the new year! You are going to want to come back and see how this cart progresses then!

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Part 1 can be found here!