LUXE Red Fox Phantom Custom Club Car Precedent

The elves at SC Carts are working away on another cart that will be hitting the links this upcoming spring! This next cart to enter the SC Carts workshop is not going to disappoint. From a red phantom body to 12″ rims, this cart has a lot of cool accessories, and did we mention it’s a LUXE? The LUXE package features:

  • Fully disassembled
  • Frame powder coated
  • New shocks
  • New brake cables
  • New brake pads
  • New hubs
  • New bushings
  • All metal components prepped and painted
  • Embroidery on the seats
  • Special LUXE stitching


Here we go!


Apart she comes! We wasted no time tearing into the Precedent!


Here it is getting down to the bare bones, it is basically just a rolling chassis at this point.


Wow! Just like that all we are left with are some front end components and the rear end.


Here is the frame of the Precedent, soon to be LUXE edition SC Cart!


Mr. Skeeter is not only handsome, but he is handy and he likes to work! So in go the cart parts, ready to go to the blasters and then powder coat.We can’t wait to get the parts back and get this little hot rod underway!


While the chassis parts are off getting their “spa” treatment, we are working away on getting the rest of the parts LUXE-ified! Here is the rear end up on jack stands.


Dropping the oil, this baby will get fresh gear oil when the time is right.


Here’s a shot of the inside flange where the electric motor mounts to. If you want to see a more detailed view of an electric golf cart rear end, head to our Facebook page and check out the Hummer repair we did.


The brake components ready to be disassembled and cleaned up.


Now we are starting to get somewhere!

Ok this is where the fun stops today! But come back next week when we continue to get our mitts dirty!