Predator Ridge Brandywine Precedent with 14″ Chrome Rims & No Lift

Our customers won’t be taking this next custom Club Car Precedent home until the spring but we’re going to get it started! This upcoming spring is already booking up quickly so we’re getting ahead… and we can’t wait to see this cart come together! It is going to be one heck of a good lookin’ cart – this cart will feature brandywine paint and 14″ chrome rims (with no lift)!

These 14″ rims are brand new and will be arriving shortly after Christmas to the SC Carts HQ!



Time to get cracking! The 2010 Precedent chassis is up on the lift and ready for some SC Carts magic.


Here is the inspected front end, it has been completely detailed and everything has been tightened to ensure it is quite as can be!


We moved onto the rear brakes and gave the drums a proper refinishing.


The rest of the brake system got the same treatment. This setup is functioning good as new.


It’s hard to get excited about brakes, but these drums look awesome! Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see or hear that you appreciate the most!


To let people know that this flashy cart is coming through, we gave it some honking power up front, with a brand new horn setup.


If they can’t hear you with the horn, then a flash of these intensely bright headlights will certainly let them know you are coming!


We ran the new light and accessories harness in the factory location in the floor, tidy as can be.


Next we gave the cart a bit of a flip so we could access the bottom, this cart is getting a bit of extra lighting!


Here’s a shot of the new front end custom suspension.


The rear also got a bit of an added bump in the suspension department.


With the oncoming traffic covered, we added a rear brake light switch and timer to let the people behind know that this classic cruiser is slowing down.


It was time to head into the booth, here the sealer has already been laid down and is getting a nice wet sanding.


Right about now our customer is wondering why his cart is a pearl black and not the brandywine color he ordered…


Not to worry, that was just the base for our House of Kolors Kandy paint! Have a look at this classy color.


Now that’s better! Look how rich the color looks!


The depth of this paint job is all thanks to the pearl black we laid down originally.

Ok folks, that’s where we are leaving this sweet build for now! Come back next week, we will have a couple other tricks up our sleeves.

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