SC Carts’ Custom Precedent Carbon Fiber Golf Sensation *Part 2*

I just love fall! Sippin’ on a hot cup of tea, watching the snow start to come down, and looking at a beautiful showroom full of sweet looking golf carts. I can think of worse things!

When we left off last week, we just had a few finishing touches left on the custom green & carbon fiber Club Car Precedent golf cart we’ve been working. This cart has now been completed & has joined my view in the SC Carts showroom.




you won’t be scared of the dark with this cart! the LEDs light up the dash as well as the floor…


and they also light up the wheels and under the cart!


this custom cart is now ready to find its new home! Would it be the perfect fit under your tree this Christmas? 🙂

If you didn’t catch part 1, you can see it here!