Predator Ridge Metallic Burgundy Phantom Club Car Precedent

With less than 3 weeks to go on the SC Carts calender for 2014, things aren’t slowing down! We’ve just started on another custom Club Car Precedent that will be heading up to Predator Ridge, BC in the spring of 2015!

This is going to be one classy looking cart and it has a couple tricks up it’s sleeves that will set it apart from the rest of them up at Predator Ridge!


This Phantom project starts out on a 2010 Precedent chassis. This fleet of carts look really good and this is only after the pressure wash!


Now have a look at the SC Carts detailing and inspection. The complete front end has been degreased, cleaned, inspected, all the hardware has been tightened and then we final detailed everything. Now it is looking really good!


With the front end like new, we installed these sweet chrome wheels with medium profile tire.


Now the cart is sitting on it’s new front “shoes” we focused our attention to the rear of the cart.


The stock brake pads were still in great shape with very little wear and overall the brake assembly looked very good.


After disassembly of the braking system, we detailed it and installed brand new brake pads at the request of our customer. These look and function just like new!


Here is the inside of the brake drum after we refinished the inside. Now these babies are ready for some real stopping power!


Since this Phantom Precedent is getting a rear seat kit, it goes without saying that it is getting some HD rear suspension…the spring pack is made in the good old US of A to boot!


Here’s a side x side comparable of the factory rear leaf and the HD leaf pack! You won’t have to worry about bottoming this machine out.


Here it is with the new HD leafs installed…sitting proud!


Now we got to install the rear wheels and tires.


It’s coming along, and what a nice stance this machine has already.


Here’s another shot from the underside. Look how tidy everything looks, hard to believe this is a used cart!

This is where we leave off this week, we wanted to get the mechanical end of things done and get it rolling on it’s new wheels. This is where it will sit for awhile now, as we stage it for it’s spring delivery!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we may put a couple sneak peeks of progress as time allows 🙂