Peace Country Rentals Blue Golf Buggie *PART 2*

As the snow is falling outside our shop in Vernon, BC, we are so thankful to be inside surrounded by so many beautiful carts {and heat ;)}. This blue & silver custom cart is no exception!

We were busy prepping and painting this week:


first we prepped Club Car body for paint


here’s the blue paint we chose – this color is absolutely beautiful! We painted the cart and also added a silver stripe…


while waiting for the paint booth, we began to mask the rims so they could also be painted that sweet blue!


and after hours and hours {… and hours} of masking, these 12″ vegas rims are ready to hit the booth!


Voila! The paint cured and we are ready to reassemble.


{While the rims are being painted, we couldn’t help but notice the stock rims being an eyesore, so we threw on some hubcaps to freshen the cart up.} Next on the list, we installed the front cowl, the cooler mount, the club & ball washer and the rear basket.


Next we installed the USB charging receptacle as well as the SC Carts custom floor mat.


This cart is coming along nicely! The rims are already up in the booth waiting for the blue paint. After the rims & tires are installed, the cart will get a few more finishing touches, then it will be stored until the spring when it is ready to head to Fort St. John, BC!

We are so excited to get the rims painted and installed on the cart this week. This cart will do a 180 once the rims are on!

Did you see part 1?