SC Carts’ Custom Precedent Carbon Fiber Golf Sensation

Winter is creeping up quickly and with the shorter days, it is only natural that we start to get a little gloomy. It’s carts like this that make it easier for us at SC Carts to get up before the sun. The green in this cart {excuse the corny but true pun} really does light up our day!

The next cart to come out of the SC Carts’ shop is based on a 2007 Club Car Precedent and it is going to be one sweet cart on the golf course! This golf specific cart will feature:

  • custom green and carbon fiber paint
  • LED lights to light up the dash area as well as under the cart
  • a cooler and ball and club washer {must have on a for golf cart!}
  • custom upholstery
  • custom steering wheel
  • and moooooore!

First up on our to do list was completing the refurb process and in doing so, we replaced the brakes.


We moved through the refurb and installed the 12″ rims on low pro tires. The zero offset of these 12″ Sixers look pretty snazzy!


After the refurb, we headed to the paint booth to lay down the first coat of paint… the green is pretty bold, right?


Not to worry! This baby’s gonna be a two tone.


Carbon fiber will do just the trick on this custom Club Car Precedent!


And here it is with clear… we can’t wait to install this body.


In this light you can see the pearl we laid down just prior to clearing it!


TADAH! Things started to go quickly once the body was installed! We added the custom pinstripe and got going on the reassembly.


Here you can also see the custom steering wheel and the black roof.


Up next was the head light kit as well as the custom SC Carts’ grill.


Next up: custom upholstery and the club and ball washer.

This cart just needs a few finishing touches before it’s complete and it heads into our showroom. Yup – it’s true! It’s been months since we finished an SC Carts original for our inventory and we can’t wait to find this beauty a new home. Is she right for you?!?! 🙂