Peace Country Rentals Blue Golf Buggie

It’s hard for us to believe that it’s already November. Like mid-November. Where has this year gone?!?! We’re still working away happily at SC Carts on sweet custom golf cart builds, and this next custom cart won’t get finished this year. Nope – it’s heading to Fort St. John in the spring of 2015. Our calender has never looked so full!


Just like all of our carts, this cart went through SC Carts’ refurb process. You can see the front end in this picture.


After the front was done, we moved to the rear of the cart and installed new brakes.


Then we installed the brake drums.


Once the refurbishing process was complete, we started to install the custom stereo system. Here is the amp, the wiring, and the back side of the speakers. {You may have noticed that this cart doesn’t have custom rims, right? Not to worry – you’ll get to see them next week after they get a little makeover!)


And here’s the visible side of this golf cart’s stereo. How do you like the silver speaker grills? A custom touch that gives away a bit of the soon to come paint job.


Next we installed the front under body before moving to the rear of the cart….


You can see the 8″ sub in the rear underbody here. We can’t help but get excited each time we hear the bass pump out of a new custom cart’s stereo!

Check back next week as we complete the paint, install the rims, and get movin’ on the rest of this cart! Ciao for now!