Northern Alberta Heel-O-Matic Hauler *PART 3*

Welcome to part 3 of the Northern Alberta Heel-O-Matic Hauler custom golf cart. Check out this week’s post to see this fierce custom Club Car Precedent come to life!

Last week, we left you with all the internal components of the cart and this week we get to see it all come together. The paint on this cart sure is wicked!


This week’s starting point:


First on our to do list was to install the rear lift kit


Then we added new brakes



Then the brake drum installation followed.



Soon after, we started installing the rims… ohhhhh mama, this is going to be a great looking cart! We can feel it! (but we might have the inside scoop already)



Then we moved to the front lift kit


Things are starting to really come together at this point! We finished the front lift, installed the front 12″ rims and tires, installed the LED light kit, as well as the front and rear underbodies.


And here’s the semi-gloss black paint! (At this step, we also installed the batteries, custom upholstery, and custom steering wheel, but these kind of hide in the background compared to this sweet paint.)



And the big reveal! After adding the custom pinstripe and installing the remaining parts, this cart turned out wicked!



The LEDs on this cart sure look good and are nice and bright.


The custom upholstery on this cart features silver piping and SC Carts’ signature sport stitch!

We’re sad to see this wicked cart leaving our show room so quickly but it is off with our favorite transport company to Sylvan Lake!

You can see this cart in action right here!

Did we mention we use an awesome private transport company that delivers your custom cart right to your door? In western Canada, delivery time is only 1-2 business days… and the best part? Once your cart is secured in the enclosed trailer, it won’t leave the sweet comfort of the trailer until it’s at your door!

If you didn’t see part 2, you can catch up here.