From Cayenne to Rockin’ Red – A Predator Ridge’s Golf Cart Story

There once was a cart who cruised through the streets and greens of Predator Ridge, in the Okanagan. This Cayenne cart was a hard worker and did a great job, but his outside just didn’t match his sweet sweet Club Car Precedent inside. So the cart’s owner decided to bring it down to SC Carts to have a little makeover… and so it begun:


Here is the customer’s cart that he brought in to be customized


We tore the cart down just like we normally do with our refurbish process and gave it a good bath.


Next we did a maintenance and checked all the components, including the brakes.


And after that the fun began! We started to put the Red Rocket back together again… in doing so, we also added a head light and tail light kit, a custom steering wheel, and a new red body.


That’s when things started to move quickly! Next we added a custom white pinstripe, a white roof, a white golf bag cover, and 10″ custom rims and low pro tires.


And voila! This Rockin’ Red cart is ready to head back up to Predator with its new duds! And isn’t she a beaut?


A custom SC Carts name plate…


Here’s what we did to update this 2008 Club Car Precedent:

  • Serviced cart and tested batteries
  • Installed a custom steering wheel
  • Installed a new cooler
  • Installed an OEM Club Car body and custom pinstripe
  • Installed light kit and carbon fiber dash
  • Installed white roof and white club cover
  • Installed new 10″ rim & tire package
  • Installed private speed setting

Looking to get updates to your existing Club Car cart? No problemo – we’d love to help!