Saskatchewan Roughriders Custom Precedent *Part 4*

We are back this week to button up this cool custom Roughriders cart! Have a look of some of the cool mods we had to do!

IMG_3435 - Copy - Copy

Our customer wanted to be able to use his cart in two locations, which are about a 20 minute car ride from one another. So he ordered an enclosed trailer to haul this beauty. The only problem was that the trailer opening was 1.5″ to low for this lifted cart…

IMG_3438 - Copy - Copy

No big deal, we just modified the roof so it could fold down and fit inside the trailer while our customer hauled it back and forth. Check out the video of the folding process.

IMG_3455 - Copy - Copy

With the height situation under control it was time to keep on moving. Here the beautiful two tone front cowl is installed and the roof is locked in the up position.


Next the brand new windshield was installed, you just have to remember to fold down the windshield before the roof 🙂


Of course a cart of this caliber gets nothing but the best, AGM batteries for maintenance free operation.


Now it is looking like part of the team!


Since this cart is still going to be used on the links we added our custom card holder.


How about some extra under seat storage!


Look how sweet this custom Precedent looks all finished up.


The upholstery was completed in a light gray to match the teams jerseys and the green pipping is spot on.


Here’s a great shot to show you the awesome stance on this custom Club Car.


One more shot before we say goodbye.

We had a lot of fun building this machine, the added complexity of the folding roof just gave us more of challenge. Make sure to have a look at last weeks post and also head to our Facebook page to see this cart being loaded up in the delivery trailer.

Last week’s post can be seen here.