Northern Alberta Heel-O-Matic Hauler *PART 2*

We are getting to the meat and potatoes of this build, the stuff that no one will see after it’s all finished but it is some of the most important parts of the entire build. Have a look at what we have been up to.


The body is in our semi down draft paint booth and has just been cleaned.


While the body is sitting the paint booth prior to being sealed we wasted no time getting the cart up on the lift and the wheels pulled off.


Here is the body after two coats of epoxy sealer. This will give the paint a nice even base to work from.


We pulled the front end apart, and you can see we have removed the factory leaf spring suspension and a arms, we are making way for a sweet 6″ lift kit.


Before we could install the lift kit we had to inspect and tighten and replace any worn parts. With that complete we proceeded to clean up and detail the front end. With what this cart was going to be used for we decided to add a bit of a mean touch to it and black it out.


Here you can see we blacked out the front portion of the frame rails. Now it’s starting to look mean.


Into the garbage with these original brake pads!


Before we can even think of installing new brake pads we needed to do a full re and re on the brake system. Now they look better then new!


Now you can see the front is blacked out and the black still has that friendly aluminum look in the back.


Ah that’s better! Now when the cart is lifted you won’t see a bright aluminum frame rail.


Next we dropped the rear end, getting ready to install the lift blocks, but before that we need to add another addition to this work Precedent.


A frame mounted hitch. This will all the cart to do exactly what it is being built for, towing!


Here it is with the rear under body bumper installed. It tucks up nice and high and out of the way.


Of course what good is a towing cart without some towing grunt! Here we are installing our 500 amp controller from our Torkster package. This will give our customer all the low end grunt he needs to tug around that Heel-o-matic!

Ok we have a lot of work to get done, next time you see this cart it will be all complete and on it’s way home to get to work. So as we get back to work you need to have a look at part one of this build!


You can find part 1 here!