Saskatchewan Rough Riders Custom Precedent *Part 3*

Check out this Saskatchewan Rough Riders inspired custom golf cart come to life this week!


We started off installing the Speedster Plus controller. To do so, we took off the stock controller pictured above (on the left).


Here’s the stock controller on the left and the Speedster Plus controller on the right – what a big difference in size, hey?!?!


Tadah! And the new controller still fits!


Next up, we installed the Turf Tunes stereo system. Here’s the back side of the stereo which hides the amp.


Lights were next on the list – Check!


Here’s the front side of the turf tunes.


The rims & tires finally arrived so we swapped them in. Don’t you love the combination?


Next we installed the AGM batteries. We always get excited for our customers that choose AGMs… these lucky ducks don’t have to worry about any maintenance, like checking water levels!


Afterwards, we installed the rear body as well as a black pinstripe.


Then things got moving: we installed the custom steering wheel, the custom upholstery, and the rear seat kit.


And this is where we are finishing off this week… we are working on a height adjustable roof so this cart can fit in the customer’s trailer. Be sure to check back next week to see the finished cart!


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