Yellow Mellow Custom Club Car – Revamped! *Part 2*

Things are moving quickly on Mellow Yellow 2.0. Check out this cart getting reassembled:


We started off this week installing the under bodies and the front uprights…


After that… things went really quickly! Here you can see we installed the custom yellow painted front and rear bodies, the rear basket, and the rear roof uprights.


Then we installed the roof as well as the head lights! This cart will be bright night or day…


This cart is getting a stereo system in the roof, so we mounted the stereo’s backing plate and the rest of the stereo will be installed in the week to come…


This week we also installed the carbon fiber locking dash. (Just wait until the floor mat is in and the pedals are detailed, and the dash will really fit in nicely!)

This cart is coming along nicely. It will get it’s final touches this week and be heading to its new home in Alberta shortly!

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