Saskatchewan Rough Riders Custom Precedent

We love football at SC Carts! And even more than we love football, we love when our customers’ want football inspired custom golf carts. This week we’re starting on a Saskatchewan Rough Riders cart … check out the beginning of this cool cart!


We are not wasting anytime getting in the paint booth with this cart. We have the body prepped and ready from epoxy sealer! Then we will be able to start laying down some awesome paint.


There is no way a Roughrider’s cart can be stock height, this mean machine is getting a 3″ lift with a super cool wheel and tire package.


The tear down is complete and if this cart had feelings it would be blushing as it is virtually naked! But we will fix that soon enough.


Look at the goodies on this shelf!!! At SC Carts once a customer orders their cart they get a shelf with their build sheet attached to it and the goodies start piling up…I see an SC Carts solar charging system, headlight and taillight package, under seat storage, I think I hear something too, yes, yes I do that is the Turf Tunes box getting ready to pound some tunes, and is that a custom SC Carts Speedster motor…


wait a minute not only the SC Carts Speedster motor but the SC Carts Speedster Plus, this is the Precedent you want on your defensive line!

With all these goodies are you really going to want to miss next week, I don’t think so, come back next Tuesday and see what is going on!