SC Carts Saskatchewan bound 57 Belair Golf Cart *PART 3*

We’ve been working around the clock on this girl, and it’s finally starting to come together. These custom carts are a lot of work but the finished product will be outstanding!


With the rear body fitting up great we started on mounting some of the components. Here are the custom taillights lens.


Next we located the proper positioning for the stainless steel trunk hinges, and installed them.


With the rear end mostly mocked up it was time to turn our attention to the front end. We started in with the sawzall making quick work of the factory front end.


The fitting of the front cowl is a tedious job, and requires grinding and testing fitting, then more grinding and more test fitting. This process carried on until we were happy with the fit.


The front cowl is finally fitting up nicely, however it is not sitting on it’s own. You can see the support of the jack stand in front of the cowl.


The company in which we purchased the custom Belair body from insisted that it did not need a front support, however we insisted it did, so we made a custom aluminum front brace.


The mounting for the bracket will be hidden behind the signal light mounts.


We then proceeded to cut the front headlight locations out and test fit the lights.


Another tedious task was making the turn indicators fit perfectly in their mounts. Sometimes you have to break out the hand file!


Here we have the front end of this beast all mocked up and she is as solid as a rock.


The same grinding and fitting procedure was performed on getting the dash area to fit perfectly.


We then used factory DS seat brackets and positioned them to be drilled and mounted.


Our next exciting project was building custom rocker panels. Here we have a piece of aluminum sheet cut to size.


Here you can see we have started trimming and fitting the rocker to shape.


We formed the front portion of the rocker panel to tie in with the body.


To keep the lines of the rear fender we did a slight bend in the rear of the rocker and then tapered it to flat.


Next we formed a floor sill, that we tack welded to the rocker to create one complete unit.


With the first custom rocker panel all tacked up we repeated the process on the second side.


Here they are, two rockers ready to be final welded, then smoothed and sent off to powder coat. These will look amazing when finished!

It has been a crazy past week and we have another crazy one ahead of us. Stay tuned as some of the coolest parts of this build are just around the corner!

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