The Bell Helicopter inspired cart- A Premium LUXE Golf Cart *Part 5*

This cart is getting so close we can taste it! This last week was filled with painting and masking and painting and masking… and we loved every minute of it!


As the post mentioned we were in the booth a lot this week painting. A nice layer of epoxy sealer gives us a great base to work with.


Alright, here the color we promised that was going to be happening this week. This is the base coat for the custom paint that was made to match the new owners fleet of helicopters.


We toned the bright down a bit by adding a mid coat metallic.


In order to match the helicopter we needed to add a custom paint scheme.


The Precedent main body is all masked up and ready for the two tone color.


This custom charcoal paint laid down amazingly.


And here it is with 3 coats of clear!


Another shot of just how deep of shine this body has. After it dries we will be adding a silver pinstripe on both sides of the charcoal.


This is the look we were after, this picture was tapped up in the booth to remind us of what we were working with. I think we did pretty amazing on giving it the same look.


How about this upholstery! We work with some very talented people and this kind of work goes to show it!

Come back next week as this amazing Club Car Precedent comes together and gets ready for it’s amazing reveal!

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