SC Carts Saskatchewan bound 57 Belair Golf Cart *PART 2*

Our Belair body arrived  just at the end of the week so today’s update is short and sweet! We can’t wait to share with y’all this custom Belair body made specially for the Club Car Precedent!


We were pretty excited to see this crate show up after waiting 4 weeks to get it in!


We quickly got the body uncrated and sat it on the cart. Like anything custom, these bodies are never bolt on ready to go kits.


After the quick test fit we had to remove the body and pull out the battery box, to see if we could get the body to fit up better.


Here you can see the body sitting down better on the frame. However the one thing that bothers us about all of these we have seen is the wheel never sits centered in the wheel well. So off comes the body once again to try something else.


With a few tricks up our sleeves, and another test fit VOILA!!! We have the wheel sitting properly with in the wheel well opening. The next challenge is to get the body to sit down on the frame properly. You guessed off comes the body!


With a little finesse and some fine adjustments, the body is sitting down on the frame and the wheel is sitting in the center of the wheel well! Now that’s how it should look.


Here you can see the nice wide tires poking out the back and how nice and straight the body is sitting on the frame. The trickiest part of this whole process is ensuring that the body fits perfectly, because once it is painted there is no room for error. You won’t be able to flex it on or tap it with a hammer, it has to fit perfectly right now.


We still want this Belair to have all the factory features of the Precedent, so with a bit of cutting and fitting we removed a chunk of the body.


With the body cutout and some final hand filing we were able to get the factory heel kick and charging port to fit perfectly.


Here’s another shot of how well the kick plate fits in place.


It’s starting to come together now, and looking like proper.


Here’s a shot of the cool old school stance it will have. Our customers wanted the cart to still have the traditional look but with a bit of flare.

Well we have a ton of work to do and only 12 days to have this cart completed and in the trailer off to our customer in Sask! Have we bitten off more then we can chew? Follow along next week as update the build, you won’t believe what were up to.

Have you seen part 1?