The Bell Helicopter inspired cart- A Premium LUXE Golf Cart *Part 4*

Just a quick post this week on this machine as we wait for the custom mixed paint to arrive. Just because it’s a quick post doesn’t mean that it isn’t a cool post!

This sweet “Bell” gets some getup and go this week!


What’s this? You got it, our SC Carts Speedster motor. This combined with the upgraded 500 amp controller gives this cart 64 ft/lbs of torque and a top speed of over 30 mph!


Here you can see we have added upgraded wiring to handle the extra demand that the 500 amp controller puts on the electrical components.


What cool cart would be complete without a subwoofer for that clean bass! You can see the Speedster motor peeking out, dying to go for a rip.


Here you can see everything starting to come together, the wheels fit in perfectly!


With all the wiring ran to motor, we buttoned up the main controller wiring as well.


This cart is going to be used a lot on the roads in the US so it is getting a road ready kit. Here is the brake light actuator installed. This is below the floor board by the pedal group.


Ah the power behind the machine! AGM batteries, although a very expensive option these amazing batteries are the way to go if you want to be 100% maintenance free, they also take a charge 5 times faster, however one of the most impressive things about the batteries is how little voltage drop they have under load. This equals awesome performance! One other great thing about this batteries vs a regular lead acid battery is that they only loose approximately 2-4% of the charge per month, where a lead acid battery will lose that weekly.

We said it was going to be a cool post! Come back next week and we will see if we can “brighten” up your day!

Part 3 of this sweet build can be found here.