SC Carts Kelowna BC Pavement Pounder – A Premium LUXE Golf Cart *Part 4*

Back again, and this LUXE Precedent is moving right along! We have been working hard behind the scenes and after a long and somewhat expensive process this awesome LUXE is the first cart getting treated to our new semi down draft, custom built paint booth!

Lets get into it!


We start this week off by draining out the gear oil. It was in very good condition, but by doing this we know that it is in new condition!


Next we installed the SC Carts Speedster motor and some new gear oil. This machine will hit speeds over 27 mph!


Because this cart is going to be scooting around on the roads, we added our SC Carts road ready kit, which includes signals, brakes, head and tail lights, and a horn, since you won’t hear the electric machine coming!


Range was something our customer wanted and yet again the amazing AGM batteries come are the batteries of choice! If you remember last week we showed you that this cart was getting our SC Carts Solar Flex 100 solar charging system, with the batteries charging 5 times faster they are the perfect match for the solar charging system.


Here we have the rear underbody installed on the LUXE Precedent, you can see this customer also opted for the Turf Tunes stereo system!


Our road ready kit includes an automotive style control switch that controls all the functions for the lights, horn and signals.


Here is the body in our brand new booth, we are so excited to use it! With everything prepped and wet sanded we are ready to spray down some primer.


And just like magic we laid down some prefect primer! This booth is going to bring SC Carts paint finish to another level!

We are going to leave you hanging here on color. But you will want to be sure to come back and check it out, because this machine is going to come together nicely and you will be amazed at how classy it will be.


Did you see last week’s update on this custom cart?