SC Carts Saskatchewan bound 57 Belair Golf Cart

Well after many, many requests and inquiries SC Carts has decided to build up another 57 Belair, but this time the customer wants us to take it to completion.

The cool thing about this cart is that it is built on our beloved Club Car Precedent chassis. This was the main reason we hadn’t done another one of these as there were no kits for the Precedent, but all that has changed so here we go!


Here we go again! Another start up on the lift.


We set this Precedent up on jack stands and got to pulling of the wheels. Now we can get in there and get this baby refurbished.


After doing a through inspection and testing o the bearings and bushings, we degreased and detailed the front end. The front end is nice and tight now!


You can see this cart got into our hands at just the right time, the brakes were just about done!


Also the factory brake cable retaining clips were looking ugly, so we replaced them with new rubber wrapped stainless clips.


Now that is better! Brand new brake pads and degreased and detailed hubs.


The drums got the same treatment. Now this is starting to shape up to how it should be kept!


Here we go! This is looking sweet. These are the perfect wheels that are going to give this 57 Belair just the right look!

Well that’s the start folks. This cart is going to take a lot of hours and we have to have it complete and in Sask before the first of October as it has to be loaded up on our customers truck to head down south where it will live.

Who needs to sleep right?