The Bell Helicopter inspired cart- A Premium LUXE Golf Cart *Part 3*

Up until now we have been building two LUXE carts side by side, however in this post we break them out into there own builds as they start to take on their own custom looks.

Our LUXE carts are extremely high end build, follow along and you will see exactly why the LUXE package is becoming so popular.


We wait no time getting the freshly powder coated frame up on stands and the assembly process under way!


All the refurbished front end parts and new bushings will ensure this cart rides like new.


This Precedents look amazing with the powder coated frame.


Here we installed brand new rear suspension and the overhauled rear end.


The brand new brakes get covered with the refurbished brake drums. This will give the cart the stopping power it needs!


Alright! Now we are getting to the shiny parts! We installed custom 12″ wheels and tires from Fairway Alloys. These have a bronze finish to them and look awesome!


Next we installed the Precedent under body components. The way Club Car designed the Precedent in modules is fantastic to work with!


A bit more shine was added with a custom steering wheel and steering column package.


What do we have here? Two underbodies ready for the custom subwoofer!


Next we installed some new OEM Club Car brake cables. The LUXE series carts get new cables whether they need them or not.


Roof uprights and the front underbody start to give way to a soon to be finished product.


As the cosmetic portion of the cart starts to come together we turn our focus to the heart of the beast. This machine is going to be a hot rod with our SC Carts Speedster Plus package. It will top out at over 30 mph and have a whopping 64 ft/lbs of torque!

This sweet machine is coming together nicely and it won’t be long before we are taking it for a test drive. Stick around and see how it comes together!


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