*The Beginning* … Two Premium LUXE Golf Carts *Part 2*

We pick up where we left off last with these two machines! Again in this post we will be working on both carts as we prep their parts and components.

You will see just how much work goes into these machines. As we wait for the parts to come back from powder coating we tackle the individual parts



Here are some of the factory parts on the spray deck ready to be pressure washed.


This is the front suspension sub frame, this is how it looks after it has been pressure washed. Now we have to grind and surface rust then clean and prep it for a fresh coat of satin black paint.


Here are the two front under body supports, they also make up part of the front frame work. These parts have been pressure washed and the surface rust ground off. They are now ready for spot priming and satin black paint.


When our customers confirm their order, they immediately get their own designated shelf. We then hang their work order board on that shelf. From there each component of their build is put on the shelf so it is ready to be installed at the correct time. If you look close you can see the front suspension sub frame all finished and ready to be installed!


Look how great the two front underbody supports look! You can really see why these LUXE carts are becoming so popular.


The same cleaning process is applied to each and every component of the cart. Here are the rear ends off the two carts, ready for a pressure wash.


After the pressure wash the LUXE rear ends are setup on the work bench and they will get a full inspection and then they will be detailed, cleaned and prepped for paint.


Ok that’s the end for this week. With any luck we will be back next week with some powder coated frames. You won’t want to miss that!

In the meantime go have a look at PART 1 of this two cart build.

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