Lifted John Deere Work Horse *PART 2*

Check out the progress on this John Deere inspired cart that’s shipping out this week! This past week was a shorty with the long weekend, but we got the lift kit complete, the rims installed, the paint complete and more! After this, we will reassemble the cart and it will come together quickly and ready to get to work in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


After the yellow paint dried, we installed the rims and tires… oh mama! These are some wicked tires!


Before installing the rear tires and rims,we added the rear lift blocks and gave the entire brake system a thorough inspection and cleaning.


Here is a rear view with the lift blocks installed.


Now it’s starting to look like a John Deere work horse. Check out the sweet all terrain tires. These are our favorite all around tread pattern. They work awesome on turf, gravel, mud and are even good on pavement.


This gives you a good view of just how wide of stance this machine has. Again you can see this versatile tread pattern that won’t chew up the lawn but still gives you traction when needed.



Next, we headed back into the paint booth and layed down this sweet green. We love when we get to do such bright colors! Nothing says John Deere like John Deere green!!!

As soon as the paint is cured, we will start the reassembly. Stay tuned!

Part 1 of the Lifted John Deere Work Horse build