Bella Coola *GAS* Beast *PART 2*

The Bella Coola Beast has come together quickly, and in just over a week, we’ve got this cart completed. Read on to see the beast come to life!

We’ve got a treat for this one – we won’t bore you with the reassembly of this cart since you get to see it so often, and get straight to the awesome part – THE FINAL PRODUCT!

Hellloooo gorgeous!



Check out this custom light bar!

And check out just some of the terrain this cart climbed (up and down!)

IMG_2098 IMG_2111


This cart didn’t get to play at the SC Carts test area for long. This cart’s got work to do in Bella Coola, and is off to catch the barge. (Did you notice how well this cart matches the truck?)

Last week’s build update can be seen here.