Lifted John Deere Work Horse

It’s a theme cart month at SC Carts, and the next cart up sure won’t disappoint! We’re starting our build on a lifted John Deere work horse. This cart is inspired by a previous John Deere custom cart we’ve done but this time we’re stepping it up a notch.



We didn’t waste any time getting this cart torn down and on the lift ready to be refurbished.


With the cart safely sitting on jack stands we removed the wheels and the rear drums.


BEFORE: Here is the front end all torn apart, getting the SC Carts treatment!


AFTER: Here is the front end after everything was inspected and tightened then detailed.


Next we prepped the rims to get ready for …


YELLOW PAINT! You guessed it, these rims are going to be yellow to go with our John Deere theme.


Next we headed back to the cart, to get the 3″ lift kit on. The paint on our rims is drying over night, so check back next week to see the rims and tires, and a whole lot more on this cart!

We are moving along nicely and we will be getting this cart to our customer up in GP Alberta to meet his deadline!