Bella Coola *GAS* Beast

GAS?!? We know what you’re thinking! Every once and a blue moon, we do sway from our beloved electric carts to gas when we get a request.

This charcoal beast is going to be traveling up to northern BC (Bella Coola) next week by barge! Up in the back country, there isn’t always reliable electricity, so in this case, gas is the best option and we were more than happy to oblige! 🙂


Here is where the refurb process started after this gas Precedent was torn down.


BEFORE: Here is the front end all torn apart getting ready for new bushings to make the steering nice and tight!


AFTER: Because this cart is heading to the back country, we thought it would be cool to give it a bit of extra armor so we rock guarded the front end.


This bad boy is getting a 6″ lift… wait til you see the sweet 14″ rims for this cart!


Since this carts going to get a rear seat and will be hauling down some back country roads, we needed to add some heavy duty rear suspension.


Next we moved to the rear of the cart and inspected and cleaned up the braking system.


This adapter will let this golf cart get 14″ rims and 23″ tires. YES! You can put 14″ rims on a golf cart and they’re going to look grrrrreat!


TADAH! Here are the 14″ rims we couldn’t wait to show you.


Check out the wide stance that the adapters give this cart and also check out the tread on the tires.

Stay tuned for next week’s post to see this cart with its charcoal body and tan seats!