Predator Ridge Porsche Cruiser

Please welcome the Predator Ridge Porsche Cruiser to the blog! Things are moving quickly on this gorgeous Porsche blue custom golf cart. Here’s what we’ve been up to on the cart this week:



This custom cart was torn down with a couple twinsies. This cart started as the first one in the picture.


We moved quickly and got right into refurbishing the cart then replaced the brakes. (This is going to be one speedy machine!)



The we installed 12″ “Rebel” custom tires & rims. These rims look so good on lo pro tires.


This build is getting Speedster PLUS package which will rip. This bad boy will get 28 – 30 mph and 64 ft/lbs of torque. Hang on tight!


After installing the motor, we installed the high torque controller to maximize this cart’s performance.


Even though this kit adds wiring, it tucks up very cleanly in the center of the battery console.


This cart is going to be an ahmazing rocket! With AGM batteries, this custom cart will get ultimate performance with zero maintenance. We can’t think of a better battery solution!


After the upgraded golf cart motor and controller were added, as well as the batteries, we started on some of the cosmetic touches, like cleaning up the cup holders and storage spaces.


Then we added the front and rear bumpers and roof uprights and moved the cart to the show room where it will wait for paint.


Into the paint booth we went to prime the body and cowl…


And here is a sneak peak of the custom Porsche metallic blue paint.

Come see us next Tuesday to see the  Predator Ridge Porsche Cruiser come to completion!