Alberta Edmonton Oilers Custom Cart

We love when our customers have such wicked inspirations! This next cart is going to a couple of Edmonton Oilers fans, and we are pretty stoked to see the cart build come together.



This cart went right through our refurbishing process and will be ready for rims & tires after a few touches…


We added brand new brakes during the refurb process.


Next, we upgraded the rear suspension as this custom cart build is getting a rear seat kit. The leaf spring on the left is stock and the leaf spring on the right is the new heavy duty spring.


Then we get to start on the fun stuff! These rims are super cool and will look great with the color scheme.


And last for the build this week (but definitely not least) we added the head light kit to get around on dark nights!

Come back next week to see this cart’s paint job – you’re going to love it! (The wait is killing us to see the blue, white, and orange paint together.)