The SC Carts Jamie Sadlowski LUXE edition* Part 3*

We can’t decide what is more exciting about watching this car come together – building a custom golf cart for Jamie Sadlowski, 2 time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champ, or that we get to introduce our new LUXE series to the world?

But we really don’t need to decide, do we? They are both AWESOME!

Before we get into the post, in case you haven’t seen Jamie in action, check out a bit of him here:

And back to the custom cart build:


The LUXE series carts get brand new OEM brake cables!


The steering box on this particular cart wasn’t up to “PAR” so a brand new system was installed.


For the most part the main mechanical end of this are all wrapped up on this build. So now it’s time to add a little razzle dazzle to the build! For a little cool factor we added some under body LED’s.


With the LED’s wired in it was time to add the main underbody.

This Precedent is starting to come together now.  Make sure to come back next week as some more cool components are added to this golf beast!

Didn’t catch the previous post? We’ve got you covered – click here for part 2.